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Sami F Productions

Sami Fares, known more by his stage name SamiF, is A DJ turned producer with over 10 years of experience in the music industry hailing from New Jersey. He has produced tracks for many artist in the Hip-hop, Electronic and Pop genres. SamiF has gained the respect of his peers by having a keen ear for great music and talent, and by bringing out the best in the projects he is involved in.

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Jeckill Music

Jeckill is a well respected producer and beat maker from Pasadena, Texas and is known by the deep, heavy, dark sounds he uses in his productions. Jeckill has worked on many Hip-Hop and electronic tracks and is currently signed to Console Records as a producer and engineer. Jeckill has an extreme passion for what he does and is always open to collaborating with other industry professionals.

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 J. Lambert

JJ. Lambert, a co-founder of Play it Raw Entertainment and a recording artist hailing from Jacksonville, FL, is a well respected artist of the Hip-Hop genre. He is known for the raw energy, and grit he brings through his music and performances. J. Lambert represents his city with pride and bases all his works from his core values; Loyalty, hard work and integrity. He has proven himself to be force within this industry by collaborating with some of the most respected artists in his city and dedicates his energy to shining a light on all talent that resides in the city he loves dearly. Lambert has a true passion for music and is a representation true dedication. 

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Rony B.

Rony B. is a soulful recording artist, songwriter, and vocalist from the Florida area, currently residing in Seattle, Washington. Rony B. has years of professional experience as a singer/songwriter  and performer  of the R&B genre. Over the years he has made quite the ripple developing a very strong fanbase and turning the heads of  some of the most acclaimed professionals in the music industry!  


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Lyles Entertainment: Nick Lyles

Nick Lyles, CEO of Lyles's Entertainment, is a savy promoter, innovator and manager in the entertainment industry. Currently locaTed in Orlando FL, Lyles Entertainment is responsible the growth and strong fanbases of many recording artist of multiples genres, all touring throughout the entire southern region. As a businessman and marketer, Nick Lyles has connections and gained recognition from acclaimed artists and entrepreneurs. Lyles has dedicated his brand to developing artist and helping them establish their places in the entertainment industry as professionals.  

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